Lake Tranquility Community Club Rules and Regulations


1. No one may either use the lake (fishing, boating, swimming, etc.) or LTCC land or facilities unless they are a paid-up member or a guest of a member.


2. Badges, either member or guest, must be worn when using lake facilities and land. Badges must be worn where they can be easily seen.  Members must sign in with the Lifeguards.


3. Residents of Green Township cannot be guests.


4. No animals, bicycles, cars, or motorcycles are allowed on the beach.


5. There is an 11:00 pm curfew on the beach area. Swimming is only allowed when lifeguards are on duty.


6. All boats must have a colored sticker that shows paid membership for the current year on both sides of the bow of the boat.


7. All young children must be in diapers or swim pants when on the beach and in the water.


8. There will be no fishing, swimming, or loitering from the bridge at the south end of the lake. Parents whose children are guilty of this will be notified. If the problem persists, the parents of these children will be subject to rule #14 below.


9. If any member has more guests than he/she has badges for, then guest badges must be obtained and worn. If a guest brings a boat, they must notify the Executive Committee.  Guest badges may be obtained from any of the Executives at a cost of $2.00 per day plus a deposit of $2.00 per badge, refundable when badges are returned. Guest badges are on a day-to-day basis and must be returned on a timely basis.


10. "NO TRESPASSING, MEMBERS ONLY" signs are posted around the lake and club properties. Violators will be prosecuted.


11. No internal combustion driven boats allowed on the lake. No internal combustion driven recreational vehicles allowed on the ice.


12. No glass or bottles allowed on the beach. DO NOT dispose of glass containers at the beach and grounds. Any glass brought to LTCC grounds must be taken home and discarded.


13. All guests of members must be accompanied by a member in good standing.


14. Any member breaking these rules will be:

a. Given verbal warning.

b. Second time, notified by registered mail of the infraction and the penalty of expulsion.

c. Third time, his/her name will be brought up to the membership for expulsion.

d. After expulsion, any breaking of the rules will be grounds for arrest.


Thank you,


LTCC Executive Board and Trustees