The Lake Tranquility Swim Team is a member of the Walkill Valley Swim Conference. We are a summer recreational program for children four to eighteen that is committed to the development of the enjoyment of competitive swimming while teaching responsibility, camaraderie, sportsmanship, respect for teammates and opponents. Summer recreational swimming encourages children to swim for self- improvement and helps to establish a team identity and philosophy.  We hope that all Thunderbolt children develop a love for the sport that will benefit them in the future. Coaches, parents, and swimmers should view competition with a positive attitude whether the team or individual is victorious or not. We want all our swimmers to gain confidence, swimming skills and a positive attitude about themselves and others.

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Practices are run every weekday in the evening unless we have a meet.  On those meet days, we will have a morning practice.  We have approximately 3-4 home and 3-4 away meets during the month of July. Our conference Championships will be either the last week of July or the first week in August.

Families of the swimmers are asked to volunteer at our home and away meets. We will have signups for jobs, but would like to give season-long (5 weeks!) assignments to make things less complex.  If you sign up for a job, that will be your job at every home meet.  During away meets, we will ask for volunteers based on what the opposing team needs.  "Many hands make small work" in this family-friendly team!  It's a whirlwind season, but full of so much fun!  We are lucky to have Lake Tranquility's beautiful setting for our Thunderbolt Team.  We welcome both town residents and "out of towners."  Please note that all swim team members must first be members of the Lake Tranquility Community Club.

If you would like any information or to sign up for our swim team, please send an email to Stephanie Strangeway and I will get you appropriate information.  Thank you!